Well hello there hotshot! How’s life, having fun? You have made it to our website. Drumrolls and applause, glad to see you here. A big hello and welcome on behalf of the whole team. The whole team actually still consists of just one person, but hey doesn’t it feel nice to get a big warm hello? Want to know more about BLUNTT? Read and scroll on.

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We could tell you ourwork is absolutely flawless, that we strive for perfection in everything we do and our creativity is unlimited. Seriously, we could tell you that our preciseness makes army drill instructors drool and that a promise we make is a promise we execute. Do you believe us? Nah? Well ask our clients they are our best ambassadors. We call them the BLUNTTS. 

Check out the projects we have done in the past or are still working on here. Oh and for the record, quite frankly or blunt (as you wish), if a client wasn’t too happy with us, chances are few he would be displayed on our website. Now isn’t that some honest advertising? 

Discover the BLUNTTS. 


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Curious about what we are doing? Like right now? Check our socials, blog and current projects and get a glimpse of a day in the blunt life. This your little insight on our crazy – totally coocoo in the head – set of brains. Enjoy or get scared, whatever works for you hotshot.


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Want to know what our founder has been up to? Probably no good. But hey you little voyeur, if you really want to know everything. Here you go.